Posture Pole

Posture Pole “Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back!” Many people will have heard these words throughout their life, probably from mum and dad as a slouching teenager. Within this phrase though is a description of one of the most common physical issues that we face as humans, poor upper body posture.  This has become an even more significant …

Spinal Cleaning

Around the world people ‘bookend’ almost every day by cleaning their teeth. They do it in the morning to freshen their breath for the day ahead and before bed to clean out the waste that has accumulated across the course of the day. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is an important preventative strategy that will stave off painful trips …

MY Optimum Spinal Health Guide

MY 6 step guide to Optimum Spinal Health. It is practical, EASY to implement and designed to make you move and feel the best you can.


It is easy for people to relate tension and aches to their ‘work posture’ but some of the more significant health impacts like cardiovascular health are less obvious as the stress and harm accumulates slowly overtime. As time goes on and we learn more about the impact of the work environment on our health, it has never been more important to establish healthy work habits than now.


As the first blog on this site I thought it appropriate to set the tone with a question that I commonly ask myself when analysing my behaviour. I also often also pose this question to my patients when asking about their objectives for treatment. The question is:What is common and what is optimum and what are you aiming for? In …