About Marcus Yeo


I mean, Really Work.

When I get stuck into a topic of particular interest, I like to dive deep to understand the core principles and mechanics of how something is taking place in life.

Being involved in lots of sport as a teenager my early exploration was into the human body, one of the most magical and in revealing deep dives anyone can undertake. Knowing how you work is an incredibly empowering position to tackle life from. The natural progression from there was to a career in dealing with the human body, one that over time has sparked more fascination for the human condition.


When people come to see me for work on their health, one of my core tenets of practice is to always look at them holistically. And by holism I don’t mean ‘your back pain might be coming from your flat feet’ or ‘take these supplements to help boost your performance’, I mean lets look at the whole person, their whole life, in order to try and determine how they have presented to me on that day. People arrive in my office with symptoms, but at the same time they also arrive with causes, often numerous, greatly varied and specific to them. In the case of many of my patients, through questions, conversations and treatment, what often reveals itself is a life that is being lived out of balance.

It is the continual recognition of lives being lived out of balance in conjunction with my drive to understand how things work, which has lead me down a path of consistent questioning and learning in order to understand people and life as a whole. This is an exploration that I know will be a life long conquest of mine, and I love it.

I have learned more lessons from the person on the table than almost anywhere else in life, lessons that I believe are worth sharing. Our current world allows us to filter out the errors, hack the systems, always present ourselves in our best form, often at the expense of learning life’s lessons from each other. However, without seeing and hearing the trial and error, turmoil, stress, recovery and growth of others, without diving deep with other humans we are robbing ourselves of tremendous wisdom, wisdom that has the power to make our lives and the lives of others significantly more enjoyable. And that is what it is all about isn’t it?

So in conjunction with my dedication to continual learning, I have decided to add a dedication to continual sharing.

We all have wisdom within us. I hope you enjoy the lessons I have learnt personally and those that have been shared with me from others, and that they may inspire to share your wisdom too.